One Stop Solution for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term with which you can promote your products brands and business through different forms of electronic media, mainly on the internet.

As everyone is addicted to internet to fulfil their search needs and because it is faster practical way of communication for marketing. Google search, Social Media, Email and Websites connect business to your current and prospect customers.

Why need of Digital Marketing?

  • Your results through marketing are not much optimized mainly because of budget
  • You are wasting your valuable time and money on insufficient resources
  • You are not well known to requirements of your customers
  • You are not aware about your competitors in market

    Basic tactics of Digital Marketing for achieving your business's goals:

  • Website: used to represent the services provided and targets
  • Blogs: for promotion/awareness of your product or information sharing
  • Social Engine Optimization: to show meaningful information on search engines and get optimized traffic to your website
  • Social Media Marketing: for business promotion
  • Infographics: to graphically visualize the information for clearing the vision of data to your customer
  • AniWebDesigns is company based in United Kingdom having offices in Canada, India and Australia, is one stop solution for your business' digital marketing related needs. Because we here offer you best of both worlds in the way of services for achieving your business goals. You can not judge a book by its cover, so get in touch with us through email and request for call back and get to know more about us. The bottom line is, AniWebDesigns will enable you to plan more effectively for future business growth because we will provide you respond rates from customers and measure the success of your business in real-time.

    Feel Free to get attached, and we will make sure that a long-lasting relationship will grow between us.

    Ready to make your move ? Let’s talk then…


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      David Hudson says:

      Working with Mr Singh was a pleasure, he produced the artwork for our national conference brochure and did a great job. I found him very helpful with suggestions, available for consultation when I needed him with a good level of attention to detail. I will definitely work with him again in the future if I need to.

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        Carlos Cordal says:

        Mangat created a detailed website development plan for my family run company, taking the time to get to know our business and understand what we hoped to achieve. After thorough consultation he put together a comprehensive overview that has been very valuable. Thanks Mangat and aniwebdesigns team, a real pleasure to work with you all

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        Antony Kitson says:

        I had the pleasure of working with Mangat and his team when he did my website, social media, and marketing campaign for my company. Mangat is instantly likeable, highly professional, and the expertise and results he delivers is second to none. I would highly recommend Mangat to anyone wanting to achieve great results for their company

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        Eric says:

        It is my pleasure to recommend Mangat, he is a highly qualified and trained web professional, ethical and an endless worker. While he finds solutions to obstacles presented in transactions, he is proactive, foresees problems before they arrive and recommends a strategy. Mangat is an outstanding negotiator and has great people skills, he is a leader and is involved in multiple activities at the same time, yet he manages to take good care of business and his clients. It has been a pleasure having him on my team for 2 years now and so far we have developed all web projects successfully.